Saturday, November 26, 2011

Andrzej Przybielski - Sesja Open [MOK]

Andrzej Przybielski - trumpet, flugelhorn
Yuriy Ovsyannikov - alto saxohpoe, soprano saxophone
Grzegorz Nadolny - double bass
Grzegorz Daron - drums

Miejski Osrodek Kultury w Bydgoszczy 2011
(City Culture Institute in Bydgoszcz)

Andrzej Przybielski was an undersung giant of polish jazz scene. He released only one album as a leader during his lifetime ("Abstract" on Not Two records with Oles brothers rhythm section). It's kind of ironic that he has now already three post mortem albums ("De Profundis" one of them). Not that it's bad thing, rather the opposite.
While Przybielski never cared this much for recording dates, this one is different, as he tried to get his Asocjacja band's music documented. When the recording opportunity came along the Asocjacja session was jeopardized since Karol Szymanowski (vibraphone) a member of the band coulnt' show up, It would be pointless though to cancel the studio hours, Yuriy Ovsyannnikov was asked to join the band and that's how this music become recorded.

And it's as free, pure, fun jazz as one can found. A powerfull quartet in the tradition of the best trumpet-sax-bass-drums line-ups. Przybielski's compositions (some of them returning from other known recordings as "Guru", "Afro Blue"- here as "Afro Blues") have melodic, straight catchy themes, pure jazz, no adjectives. He's improvisations on the other hand are freejazz (freebop?), played with a loose feeling, with true jazz panache, freewheling, surprising, joyfull. The rhythm section gives passionately full support (especially Nadolny's full bodied tone is a pleasure) and Yuriy Ovsyannikov's light sound and playfullnes is a perfect match for Don Cherry'sque trumpet of Andy "Major" Przybielski. 
This music is not revelatory in any way, it's rooted deeply in free jazz tradition of the 70s, could have easily been a freshly discovered recording by the Old and New Dreams (quartet with Don Cherry, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Ed Blackwell). It's not though whether it's unique that matters in this case. It's played with bravado, skills, passion, heart, it's energetic and inspiring. Amost impossible not to enjoy this wholeheartedly.

* couple of pieces from the album ara available in the playlist aired on 12.12.2011

The release is funded by the City's Art Institute in Bydgoszcz (where Przybielski lived), it can be bought for a most modest price of 20 zl (6 bucks, 4 and a half euro) plus shippment. All the income will be dedicated to create a multimedia album about Andrzej Przybielski's life and art. If you wish to buy a copy write to  

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