Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The blog is officially 1 year old!!! :)

16.11.2010 - that's the date of the first post. The blog is now officially one year old and I'd like to express my eternal gratitude to all the readers supporting it and all the musicians and labels for the music they create/produce/release.

This is the 204th post on the blog. Among those previous 203 you can find
82 cd reviews (with a total of 84 cds presented)
68 after-concert posts
34 radio playliststs
plus some 'general' infos and 'best of 2010' lists


  1. Gratulacje Bartek!!! I dzięki za wiele ciekawych tekstów, o psznicznym Ciechanie nie wspominając... ;-)

  2. Podążając tropem recenzji oraz playlist Alchemika "odkryłem" wiele bardzo interesujących płyt. Świetny blog, trzymaj tak dalej!


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