Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jazz Alchemist radio with saxophone

David S. Ware. photo from the official site.
The two recent radio playlists were focused on a special subject of chosing (musical humour and All Saints day). It's been a long while since the last 'regular' radio playlist (aired before the summer) and during that time a fair amount of 40 reviews has appeared on the blog. I'll try to gradually come back to at least some of those cds. 
Tomorrow, 8pm CET on I'll wait for you with a selection of music in where saxophone leads the way (in a duo, trio or a quartet). Beside the material from reviewed cds there will be also a spot for two giants of the horn: David S. Ware (born 07.11.1949 - best happy birthday wishes from fans from all over the world) and Peter Brotzmann (playing tuesday - 08.11 - in Krakow with special Japanese trio).

I hope to catch on facebook chat during the program. The playlist will appear below as will the mixcloud player once the show will be uploaded.

1. Brian Settles Central Union - Zui Quan (from "Secret Handshake")
2. Peter Van Huffel Quartet - Enghavevej (from "Like The Rusted Key")
3. Rob Wagner, Hamid Drake, Nobu Ozaki - Childhood Memory (from "Trio")
4. Frank Gratkowski & Hamid Drake - Well It's Complicated (from "Frank Gratkowski & Hamid Drake")
5. David S. Ware - Ganesh Sound (Happy Brithday David!!! ; version from NoBusiness LP "Live in Vilnius")
6. Brian Settles Central Union - Secret Handshake (same as above)
7. Rob Wagner, Hamid Drake, Nobu Ozaki - Penumbria (same as above)
8. Peter Van Huffel Quartet - Tangent (same as above)
9. Peter Brotzmann & Peeter Uuskyla - Ain't Got Money (Peter Brotzmann playing tomorrow in Krakow)
10. Brian Settles Central Union - Gardenia (same as above)

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