Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Barry Guy New Orchestra at Alchemia - day 1 (Krakow Autumn Jazz; 20.11.)

When you gather together 12 musicians of such caliber as those taking part in Barry Guy New Orchestra creative sparks are bound to fly around all over the place. And this was just the case.
As words fail to depict truly the music and the energy, treat this and the next few posts more as a chronicle of the event than anything else. It's just me trying to pick up some thoughts together, recover from the musical battle.

The orchestra produced forward a group-selection, without repeating once, any of the possibilites presented two years ago. It seems in fact a puzzle-game of the mastermind which consists in confronting different pieces each time, curious of the possible reactions and effects. You might call it a slighly mad chemistry lab.

And the chemistry (alchemy) is transparent, as each setting yields surprise, variety and inspires satisfaction. The highlights of the night, in my ear, were: 

Maya's ferocious and ear-piercing violin against the low riffs on baritone sax and tuba (I did not have a chance before to see Maya in a completely improvised setting and was blew away).
The incessant and unbelievable percussion drive courtesy of the double drum sets (Paul and Raymond). Pair in the front the muscular Mats' tone, with the humourous Bauer's trombone, add Barry's precision and adventouresness and you've got a band on fire. It was loud, it was heavy, it was raw and meaty and it was a blast.
Come tonight for more.

set I
Auguti, Herb, Evan (solos, trio)

set II
Hans, Barry
Maya, Mats, Per-Ake
Mats, Augusti

set III
Trevor, Per-Ake, Paul
Mats, Johannes, Barry, Paul, Raymond

Alchemia. Krakow Autumn Jazz Festival. 20.11.2012

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