Sunday, November 11, 2012

Concerts, Movies, Festivals and so on. Krakow 11.11-18.11.

It might seem that in beetwen the 28.10-2.11 marathon and the coming soon Barry Guy New Orchestra week Krakow Aumn Jazz festival came to a quick break, which is not entirely true. Nevertheless I decided to take this opportunity and invite you to some events that are taking place soon in Krakow and are worthy of your attention.

First and foremost Cracow Improvisers Orchestra, a collective that unites some of the most active members of the Krakow's improvising scene together will perform a couple of conducted ensemble improvisation tonight in Alchemia. 

The very next day a documentary "Soldier of the road" about Peter Brotzmann will be screened in Kino Agrafka. Start 8.30 PM (Reason why we'll have to wait another week for a live radio program. of course there will be something to tune in to anyway).

On 13.11 the experimental concert, part of the Muzykoterapia series I wrote about on several occasions, will take place back in Alchemia, the performers will be: Patryk Daszkiewicz, Pawel Dziadur, Martyna Poznanska and Bartosz Ignacy Wrona.

Keir Neuringer and Rafal Mazur will play in Literki on 15.11. Part of the "additional events" schedule for the Autumn Jazz Festival as well as part of an extended tour the duo will play, I'll dedicate a separate post to give you more details about the other dates and places.

The recording of a special concert played by Chicago Tentet with guests will be screened at Kino Agrafka. The income will go to the Fukushima fund, as was the original intent of the concert.

Last but definitely not least on 16.11 starts the 2012 Audio Art Festival, dedicated the integration of audio and visual arts. The festival will last till 25.11 and will present a variety of artists coming from the aritstic range of experimental, improvised, electronic, electro-acoustic, field recording, installation, performance etc. Please check the schedule as I'm sure you'll find something intriguing, both known and yet unknown to your ears.

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