Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mikrokolektyw with Malgorzata Haduch at Alchemia (Krakow Autumn Jazz; 29.10)

2nd set of the evening introduced a new element to Krakow Jazz Autumn Festival - dance. Małgorzata Haduch - responsible for the Free The Dance series is a dancer / improviser that for that particular occasion invited to Krakow the Mikrokolektyw a duo. The band, born from the Robotobibok, made a surprising entrance to the international jazz scene couple of years back that ended in their first cd "Revisit"being released by the Delmark label. 

I had a chance to listen to the interview that Peter Margasak from Chicago made with Artur and Kuba before the concert and part of the conversation was dedicated to the subject of introducing more open forms and purely improvised elements to the duo's music. Both on their own as a well as the effect of various collaborations and improvisational meetings. The evening in Alchemia was a  particular example of that as the improvisation would be a core of the concert yet the music would still be played exclusively by just the two musicians.

And so there were passages reminding of the melodic song-like forms introduced on the cd, with a sweet tone of the trumpet and hypnotic, slightly tribal drumming. Yet so much of the soundspace would be filled with mysterious, suspended noises and sounds, both electronic and acoustic, that would fill the air like the abstract series of dots and lines, surprising, slightly irrational, dark yet strangely inviting.

Malgorzata Haduch's dance is a theatre of gestures and postures and moves that both mirror as well as enhance the perception of the sound. Without trying to overdo it, her dance would reflect equally the flexible, agile nature of the sound as well as scattered and surprising, incidental nature of improvisation. The arte of dance would co-exist with the art of sound being both its interprations as well as an extension.

But I wouldn't want to try to think about all the possible relations and ways of perceptions that mixed arts could enter in. I'm not sure if the dance adds something to the music, or changes it, or completes it. For me it's simple - the evening was as much pleasure for the eyes as for the ears. 

Artur Majewski - trumpet, electronics
Kuba Suchar - drums
Malgorzata Haduch - dance

Alchemia. Krakow Autumn Jazz. 29.10.2012

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