Monday, November 19, 2012

Jazz Alchemist Radio to begin the Barry Guy New Orchestra Week 19.11.2012

I have a slight feeling of deja-vu. Two years ago, on the very similar occasion this very blog was born and, suprisingly, is still well and alive. The playlist is a mere introduction to this week, an attempt to mention each musician taking part in the project. 
Barry Guy brings back his New Orchestra to Krakow for a four-days residence that begins tomorrow, will present various small ensembles (featuring selected band's members) on three evening in Alchemia and a final performance in Manghha by the full orchestra.
Treat this sample as an appetizer.

1. Maya Homburger & Barry Guy - Seconda Sonata (by Dario Castello)
2. Herb Robertson & Mark Solborg - Celestials
3. Barry Guy - Sleep Leaper
4. Mats Gustafsson, Barry Guy, Raymond Strind - Taku
5. Hans Koch & John Edwards - improv
6. Augusti Fernandez, Barry Guy, Raymon Lopez - Odyssey
7. Per-Ake Holmlander - Down & Ups
8. Kris Wanders Outfit - A Man's Dream (from "In Remembrance of the Human Race"; feat. Johannes Bauer)
9. Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton - Zafiro Encore
10. Trevor Watts & Jamie Harris - Sarawak
11. Barry Guy New Orchestra - Oort-Entropy; part 2

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