Sunday, November 4, 2012

DKV Trio at Manggha (Krakow Autumn Jazz; 1.11)

The bar was set up incredibly high at the first set of the evening by the Hera. Still DKV is like an dream team trio, I've heard legends about their concert 10 years ago in Katowice and Marek Winiarski from Not Two tried ever so hard to bring them in to Krakow in the last years but it proved to be impossible because of the musicians schedule - they've among the busiest people in the world. And it finally happened.

And boy it was worth waiting for. The trio grooved with grittines, swinging soulfully and passionately. Just unresistable ride, joyfull and fun. When they get lyrical it's smooth and lushfull, when they hit it hard it's an instant knock-out, when they want to be rough or abstract, they just do, without ever loosing the grip of the story, all even the most abstract dots connect with each other in a perfect way. There's elegance and energy that rarely meet together, the swag and substance, the heavy groove dances lightly on its toes and the trio is just on fire and your foot is toetapping without a stop.

As good as it gets. Smokin' hot jazz. 

2nd set:
Ken Vandermark - tenor sax, clarinet
Kent Kessler - double bass
Hamid Drake - drums

Manggha. Krakow Autumn Jazz. 01.11.2012

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