Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Waclaw Zimpel & Wolfgang Reisiger at Klub Re (27.02)

My admiration for Waclaw Zimpel's way of playing is no secret and there are lot of posts here on the blog that exemplify this on the blog. Which is why I'll be as brief as possibly - the duo concert with Wolfgang Reisinger brought to Klub Re music that was soulfull and immaginative. Wolfgang proved to be an excellent partner, continuator of european tradition, strongly focused on the melody of drums, adding to that some nice electronic touches. While Zimpel played passionately and with conviction, whether investigating delicate chamber moods or launching some fiery explosions.
The playing was focused but the atmosphere relaxed, the last concert of the small tour, musicians comfortable with each other. Short, yet satisfying set that plus the encore which show even more clearly how Waclaw and Wolfgang enjoyed the stage - a romping and stomping blues by Charles Mingus (can't get the title though), a piece they enjoyed so much they decided to play it twice. And the audience, me included, couldn't be more pleased. 

Waclaw Zimpel - clarinet, bass clarinet, basset horn
Wolfgang Reisiger - drums, electronics

Klub Re. Krakow. 27.02.2012

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