Saturday, February 18, 2012

El Intruso Poll - best of 2011 - part 4

Pasquale Mirra
Kjell Nordeson

Pasquale Mirra's duo with Hamid Drake during the Lublin Jazz Festival was something utterly fascinating. Sensibility, melodic and harmonic prowess plus original approach to the instrument, I hope to hear more from this musician.
Kjell Nordeson's contribution is crucial to overall sound and artistic success of Lisa Mezzacappa's "Cosmic Rift". Easily recommended album and some fabulous vibraphone notes.

19.Others instruments
Jim Baker - electronics
Mark Alban Lotz - flutes

Jim Baker simply melts my mind with twisted, fuzzed, anarchic root-electronic noises on "Psychotic Redaction" with Michael Zerang and Kyle Bruckamnn. Possibly the most original cd of the year.
Mark Alban Lotz similarly ancient-modern dialogues with Islak Kopek's musicians are something precious. 

20.Female vocals
Kerry Andrew
Basia Derlak (from Chłopcy Kontra Basia)

While the sextet is led by Laura Cole, responsible also for most of the compositions and all arrangements, Metamorphic - "The Rock Beetwen" wouldn't be equally captivating listening experience without Kerry Andrew's voice of an angel.
Basia Derlak writes lyrics and sings with one of the most original polish young bands I have heard last year. I have presented their EP in the radio, written about a couple of concerts and I can't wait for debut cd, hopefully this year.

21.Male Vocals
Jorgos Skolias
Charlie Beresford
Michael Schiefel

Jorgos Skolias stylistic range is something to behold and for me deserves much more recognition outside Poland. I praised him on the occasion of the concert with Bronek Duzy (trombone).
Charlie Beresford doesn't have a particularly strong voice but his vocals are filled with mysterious charisma, some great improvised songs by Fourth Page on "Blind Horizons".
Michael Schiefel can be heard on pure fun project "Tribute to Bob Marely" by Cool Runnings Orchestra. Fun and adventure.

22.Best live band
Jewish Surf

Hera released their 2nd cd "Where My Complete Beloved Is" which correspondes quite well at what the bands does on stage - trance inducing meditation, potent grooves that get to your body and melodies that fill your mind. Thus they played also in Lubin at the festvial, they introduced new elements later in the year with series of concerts with Michael Zerang. Check the interive with Waclaw Zimpel for more.
Jewish Surf is a perrfect live band, rock, punk, jazz, great riffs, dynamic a true rock pleasure. I have seen them twice last year and I can't wait for the cd.
AutorYno played in Krakow and it was to put it simply smoking guitar rock gig, fabulous energy and jaw dropping guitar shredding. David Konopnicki on guitar rocks!

23.Record Label
Leo Records
NoBusiness Records

LEO records wins for the incredible amount of releases and the consistency. Label that I appreciate most for introducing me to some completely new names (Alexey Kruglov, Fourth Page, Second Approach Trio, Giovanni Francesca) among other releases featuring some free jazz heavyweigts (Ivo Perelman, Joelle Leandre, Jon Corbett). You  can check all the reviews from the label here.
NoBusiness continues its level of excellency, not as many but well chosen releases, LP fetish, some fabulous music. Kudos and many thanks to them. Check all NoBusiness on the blog here.
Kudos and thanks to all the labels that appeared on the blog in the last year. You're making some incredible music available to music fans.

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