Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DKV Trio - Past Present [Not Two]

DKV Trio

Ken Vandermark - reeds
Kent Kessler - double bass
Hamid Drake - drums

Not Two 2012

DKV trio's concert in the course of 2012 Autumn Jazz Festival was a night to remember for many reasons. The trio played up to the promise and delivered. The concert itself, a result of a decade - long logistical struggle to bring together the three at one place and time, was also the release date campaign to a 7cds boxset called "Past Present" that would gather a several of the famed DKV performances done near the end / beginning of each year in Chicago and Milwaukee.

I'm not sure there's anything more to add to what I've written on the occasion of the Manggha's performance. These guys can groove, swing, bop, hop, slide, ride and freejazz you away. Is it enough to fill the 7 cds? Absolutively yes! The sound is crisp, the music is pure jazz fan in its many shades and aspects. You'll have funky, you'll have rock groove, you'll have abstract and pensive, you'll have it all. The 7th cd is sort of a bonus, a performance composed of Don Cherry's tunes from Sant'Anna Arresi festival in Sardinia from 31.08.2008. 

With this one release DKV makes it up to its fans for the years of silence and prooves the band still has stories to play. In abundance. 
I'll permit me to cite myself (as much a sign of being lazy as thinking I got it right the first time):

The trio grooved with grittines, swinging soulfully and passionately. Just unresistable ride, joyfull and fun. When they get lyrical it's smooth and lushfull, when they hit it hard it's an instant knock-out, when they want to be rough or abstract, they just do, without ever loosing the grip of the story, all even the most abstract dots connect with each other in a perfect way. There's elegance and energy that rarely meet together, the swag and substance, the heavy groove dances lightly on its toes and the trio is just on fire and your foot is toetapping without a stop.

As good as it gets. Smokin' hot jazz. 

If you haven't treated yourself to this one for Christmas, I'd recommend you'd start the Happy Jazz Year 2013 with it, while the box is still available.

some tracks from the box are presented in this radio playlist.

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