Monday, January 28, 2013

Jazz Alchemist radio 28.01.13 with Platform One, Maria Neckam, Ratchet Orchestra and TOM Trio

Hi everyone, the Jazz Alchemist Radio will, at least for the time being, change its formula. I won't be performing live on air presentations. I will though upload a playlist featuring a couple of albums reviewed already on the blog, giving the opportuninty to take a closer listen. (The playlist will be aired on at Monday 8.00 PM CET as well as available immediately on soundcloud).

Hope you will appreciate this form and you will enjoy the music.

Tomasz Dabrowski
today I'd like to present to you:
Claudio Guida & Marcello Testa (Platform One) - One Plus One
Maria Neckam - Unison
Ratchet Orchestra - Hemlock
Tomasz Dabrowski - TOM Trio

the tracklist is:
Claudio Guida & Marcello Testa - Steps
Claudio Guida & Marcello Testa - Norwegian Wood
Claudio Guida & Marcello Testa -Michael's Present
Maria Neckam - Obsessed
Maria Neckam - Do You Think You Will Be
Maria Neckam - New Orleans
Maria Neckam - I Am Waiting for My Laundry in the Sun and I Have Lost You (Laundry Song)
Ratchet Orchestra - Winnow
Ratchet Orchestra - Yield
Ratchet Orchestra - Kick
Tomasz Dabrowski TOM Trio - I'll Repeat Only Once
Tomasz Dabrowski TOM Trio - Wave
Tomasz Dabrowski TOM Trio - After Jam

Jazz Alchemist Radio 28.1.13 with Maria Neckam, TOM Trio, Ratchet Orchestra, Platform One by Jazzowy Alchemik on Mixcloud

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